Q: Will bamboo fiber products be moldy?

A: As long as it is ventilated and kept dry, it will not mold. Keep away from the ground during storage and do not place for more than three years.

Q: Will the bamboo fiber cutlery or straw discolour?

A: In principle, no. Only possibly discolored with food coloring. But this does not affect the use.

Q: Do bamboo fiber products degrade when heated or do they produce harmful substances?

A: Bamboo fiber products do not decompose on heating. Since the product contains no plastic, it also produces no harmful substances.

Q: Can bamboo fiber products be reused?

A: You can reuse our bamboo fiber products with confidence.

Q: How to rinse the bamboo fiber products?

A: You can rinse them through the sponge, or clean them in the dishwasher. The products should remain dry after rinsing

Q: Can I heat the bamboo fiber products in the microwave?
A: Yes, only under 120 degrees and better not more than a minute.

Q: Can I steam the bamboo fiber products?

A: No, the bamboo fiber products will soften after being steamed.

Q: Why is not the color of each bamboo fiber product the same?

A:It depends on the color of the raw materials.

Q: Are your bamboo fiber products made in Taiwan?

A: Yes, for sure.

Q: Will bamboo fiber products break easily?

A: No, as the products retain the toughness of bamboo, they are not easy to break. Don't throw it too hard, or might have chips.

Q: Are you going to make portable utensils or other bamboo fiber products in the future?

A: Of course. We will launch more bamboo fiber products in the second half of the year!